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The Ohsofarawayglasses

OhsofarawayglassesYou can tell by this picture exactly what type of view you’ll have while looking through a pair ofOhsofarawayglasses’, as you zoom through outer space. What are the Ohsofarawayglasses? Good question. They are a very special pair of glasses that Stani Stardust invented. The advantage of the Ohsofarawayglasses, among so many, is that he can use them while both of his hands are on the handlebars of his Space Sparkler.
What is a Space Sparkler?
Good question.
That information will be provided in a little while – Niesahsah

Grab your Bathing Suit

Flugbahn eines KnollerpommelA long distance Knollerpommel (something similar to Stani’s Space-Sparkler for group travel) will fly tomorrow to take a bunch of sinistic Habermuggs from the planet “0.0 minus 300” to go swimming.

Because such a flight through outer space can be pretty boring sometimes, the Knollerpommel’s driver will often slow down past a few planets on the way to the swimming pool…just to entertain the passengers. He does this so that the passengers have something to see. It’s known on Bollerpopel that there are some interesting ‘earth things’ to see. It means that the Knollerpommel will travel very close here tomorrow.

But there are always too many Habermuggs on the Bollerpoppel beaches.That’s why they fly to planet “Bah-Hat-Hat-Juh-Hu”. It has only beaches, water and a huge ice cream parlor. It’s obvious that’s where they want to go.

I heard that the Knollerpommel is totally full. That’s why, unfortunately, they can’t take anybody else along. But maybe next time.

Aliens on Bollerpopel

Alfred EisbeinAlfred Eisbein was from the planet “Genesis 8”. He had a stinky, old office job there. At some point, he participated in the great inventor’s contest on the planet “Plantano”. His invention, “ A piece of paper with something really important on it”, unfortunately did not win over the panel of judges. He didn’t even receive a consolation prize. He was so cranky that he left his home planet, Genesis 8, never to be seen there again. He wanted out of there. Time to move on to somewhere else. He was really, really cranky.

In a local bar in the planet Dumplingmess, a klapysischer Zyklopenmurk claimed that he had seen him (Alfred Eisbein) on the planet Bollerpopel (also known as the “Blue” planet). He, (Alfred Eisbein) now known as “Albert”, was always still locked away in an office somewhere. He added another letter to his important piece of paper, and won a great prize on the blue planet.

It was soon known that you could easily win a prize on Bollernpopel. And so, many aliens started going there.

Stani believed the story too because he sees a lot of aliens popping in and out of Bollernpopel when he visits there. And some are really bizarre looking! Wow!

Oh, and by the way…”Bollernpopel” refers to the entire Earth’s population.


WeltraumforschungStani congratulates China on the successful test launch of the unmanned space capsule “Shenzou 8”. The people from planet TschoppSui in the Wongdschipeng solar system are especially pleased. They have already asked when the first crispy, sweet-and-sour Peking Duck will be delivered – Niesahsah

Big Bang Theory

UrknallThere is a lot of resin that we can no longer see. We would have to make a space trip to find it. Stani has come up with a helpful explanation in the section “Everything you always wanted to know about the Cosmos, but were afraid to ask”.

Earthling Definition: Time when the universe was created.
There was probably nothing there before. And then came a ‘boom’ … and the beginning of Creation as we know it.

Orianer Definition: A wacky guy.
Someone was probably really nice before. And then came a ‘boom’ … (he, she, it became a Big Bang) and everything went goofy afterwards.